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Westminster Masonic Center

Event Space Request Online Form

Only Freemasons & Masonic Families are accepted for rentals.

Rental Space:

The prices will be emailed to you once request is received. Please check the calendar on availability first.

  • Payment is due two weeks before Event Start Date   (Payment should be made to Westminster Masonic Center)

  • There is not food or drinks allowed in the Foyer or Lodge room areas

  • Balloons and any type of fire items are not allowed in Dining room areas 

  • Anything hung from the ceilings or stuck to the walls need to be removed by the end, including all tape and fasteners

  • Please use table and chairs as needed. WMC request that 8 Tables and 6 Chairs per table remain after event

  • All Trash needs to be placed in garbage dumpster, and floors need to be swept and mopped clean after the event

Thanks for submitting!

Westminster Masonic Center

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